About us


Urbanfit Bootcamp is the latest fitness concept to hit the streets of Bogor. Created by a Trio Partnership in 2015, the owners pride themselves with having a healthy fit lifestyle. Urbanfit Bootcamp caters to everyone but especially for those who are searching for a place, a coach and a reason to change their lives into a Healthier, Fitter and more discipline one.

Whether you opt for our Integrated classes that focus on Core, Balance, Flexibility, Strength and Power or our Full Body Functional Training workouts which are more individually-tailored, Urbanfit Bootcamp promises to help you reach your fitness target through fun and creative means.

Urbanfit Bootcamp keeps you committed to your new lifestyle by offering classes that are suitable for the young and old, beginner or advance.

Urbanfit Bootcamp is not just a Training Center and our instructors don’t just teach and coach you whenever you feel like it. We are a Lifestyle Fitness Revolution and when you are ready to change your life to a healthier, fitter and more discipline one, then we can do something about it. Till then, find out about who we are and what we offer in our classes and programs.

– Muay Thai

– TRX Suspension

– Bosu  Balance & Core

– Circuit Functional Training

– Personal Training

Our team of professional Personal Trainers offer:

– Fat & Weight Loss Programs

– Shaping & Toning Techniques

– Strength & Muscle Building

– Nutritional Consultation