muaythai-urbanfitbootcampMUAY THAI (Beginer & Intermediate)

Muay Thai is a traditional Thai martial art. Our training focuses both on the fighting skills and technique and also on the conditioning and stamina factors. We train and encourage prospect fighters to attend competitions and we also have Kids and Beginner classes for those not wanting to get bruised up.


Kids are invited to learn the art of Muay Thai through a series of exciting Muay Thai fitness activities, obstacle courses, team work games, child focused drills, and pad work sessions. Muay Thai classes for kids catering to ages 4-12 are oriented around character development & teaching life skills such as building self-confidence, self-esteem, learning anti-bullying techniques, respect, discipline, sharing, kindness, & team-work.


Learn the basic techniques & moves of boxing from our very own boxer/coach Yusuf “Ozy” Daulay. This boxing class offers members a high intensity, technique-based, cardio-boxing workout that compliments our other classes especially Muay Thai.


image4Urbanfit Taekwondo Class offers a comprehensive fitness program for adults and/or kids in Sentul City, Bogor. Taekwondo Martial Arts training is exercise with a purpose. While you improve your physical fitness, you will also be developing important self-defense skills. You will learn to confront and combat your fears. The confidence you gain from learning Taekwondo and self-defense, improving your fitness, and feeling better about yourself will help you cope with daily situations at home and work.


A class suitable for all ages and fitness levels, TRX Suspension uses long straps and handles in order to create a fitness program that uses one’s own body weight and agility to activate muscle strength.


bosu-and-balance-core-urbanfitBOSU & BALANCE CORE

This class is for all ages and fitness levels. It uses the Bosu Balance and Bosu Ballast Ball to work on core, balance and strength training. This activity not only creates a more toned and flexible physique but is also great for the elderly who often suffer from stiff aches.







circuit-functional-trainingCIRCUIT FUNCTIONAL TRAINING

A fast speed, high intensity and effective fat and weight loss class, Circuit Functional Training combines many high impact functional training tools in order to create a station-by-station circuit workout. Be prepared to sweat and tire out for this one.



Urbanfit Yoga class is offered weekly by our certified Yoga instructor. We added the class to provide a balance of mental and physical activity enjoyed by many of our members. Our Yoga classes focuses to make each member feel steady, assured and to empower them beyond their physical strength into mental steadiness, emotional peace and energetic power.

Bosu Balance & Core (2)Personal Training

This more personalized kind of coaching enables our clients and our trainers to hone in on the needed fitness activities in order to achieve the desired results. Personal Training is a one-on-one class that puts emphasis on each client’s target and schedule. All ages may sign up and all kinds of fitness activities with the different tools available can be used by the trainer as he/she deems fit.


outdoor_bootcampOutdoor Bootcamp

This once a week outdoor class encourages members to have outdoor activities or at least experience the great outdoors every now and then. Being based in Sentul, there are countless nature-inspired things to do during this class. From biking the over 10 nearby trails to jogging through the longest street garden in Indonesia or hiking through Gunung Pancar’s beautiful Pine Tree Forests and ending up at Bojong Koneng’s breathtaking waterfall. This class will bound to make you fall in love with nature.


Run & meet new Urbanfit members or jog with regular Urbanfit buddies every Sunday morning at 6am. Your Alpha Pack Leader will be none other than Ryan Afrian himself creating new jogging routes and giving motivational support every time he brings members out for this run. This class is complimentary and is therefore open to anyone and everyone willing to join our Urbanfit Running Pack.