kevin kumala


Kevin was never that athletic or active during his younger days. He was on the track and field team, basketball team, and even the badminton team in primary amd secondary school. However, those interests and activities never followed him into his 20s and 30s.

Now 35, Kevin prides himself with living and eating healthy. Two years ago he made the life-changing decision to live a more active and fit lifestyle. He started going to the gym and realized that in order to help him be consistent, he needed a personal trainer. Since then, Kevin has trained as a Muay Thai fighter, started jogging regularly and has been committed to his new lifestyle which he enjoys with his wife and two daughters.

carissa fidelliaCARISSA FIDELIA

Carissa is a mother of two daughters but one look at her and you’ll be wondering how she has maintained her slim and athletic figure.

She enjoys Zumba, Muay Thai, Jogging and Functional Training and she swears by the program of “Eat what you want,” but always in moderation and with constant fitness activities in order to burn fat and calories and also to stay young, fresh and healthy.