Head Program / Instructor


Having been a personal trainer for over 9 years, Yanyan is proud of his experience and knowledge in the health and fitness field. He gave up a promising career with a successful event organizing company to pursue his passion.

To develop his skills further, Yanyan has attended many internationally recognized physical fitness and martial arts courses. He is professionally certified in TRX Rip Training, Suspension Training, Kettlebell, Thump Boxing, Muay Thai and Tatsujin. In 2013, he participated in Thailand’s Asi

a Fitness Convention and he also attended and completed the Indonesia Fitness  & Health Expo (IFEX) Workshop in 2014.



Ardi Daulay always had a passion for fitness and sports when he was young. A few years ago he decided to turn his hobby into a career. He applied the principles of his career based on his own motivation to encourage others to live a healthy, more active life through their physical and mental state of mind.

For the past few years, Ardi managed to climb up in the fitness world and has worked in one of the biggest chain-gyms in Indonesia as a personal trainer. However, working in corporate fitness did not fufill him and he decided to join a smaller but more exclusive and personal gym to get back to his basic passion of personal training.

Since joining Urbanfit Bootcamp Ardi has focused on applying his skills and knowledge in functional training programs. He also teaches Muay Thai classes which he learned from other Certified Coaches and Professional Muay Thai Fighters.



Yusuf Daulay (Oji) has a lot of experience in Martials Arts. In his younger days, he excelled in Boxing, Wrestling and Volley Ball. He also attended the SEA Games as a national athlete.

Oji also has fighting experience in amateur Boxing and Wrestling competitions. He recently added Muay Thai to his list of Martial Arts resume which he now spreads by coaching others. He is passionate in continuing to achieve more professional fighting experience and motivates others to do the same.


Budi Marsono loves putting people through tough workouts that build physical and mental stamina. He believes the key to achieving fitness goals are learning proper excercise techniques and keeping up a constant fitness routine.

Budi also coaches Muay Thai classes which he highly recommends for high intensity conditioning as well as an applicable form of self-defense martial art.


Aditya Panca Nugraha (Panca) who has over 3 years experience as a personal trainer joined Urbanfit Bootcamp in 2016. He has focused his career in the fitness world because of his own passion in physical fitness and sports. He gets personal satisfaction in sharing his knowledge and skills to others and always strives to help his clients achieve their desired fitness goals.
Panca focuses on Functional Training and Muaythai but has official certifications in TRX, Vipr, Equalizer, Tatsujin MMA and Muaythai. His priority as a trainer is that all his clients obtain satisfaction in his programs and are able to achieve progress and results from it.
 “Judge my program not from what i say about it but from what my clients have achieved from it.”



Herdian Budiman (Dian) is our newest member to our Urbanfit trainer team. He has over 10 years of fitness training experience and focuses more on body building fitness. He has certification for Kettlebell, Vipr, TRX, Bosu and Equalizer training.
He is proud of having fitness encompass his lifestyle and career choices. And he always inspires his clients to achieve their fitness goals so that they can also look and feel healthy.
Personal Quote:
“A Personal Trainer’s Job is just as Noble as a Docter’s Job”